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software May 02, 2023
Veterinarian running their online business

I know starting your online business can be overwhelming. There are so many different choices to make when it comes to where to host and sell your digital products one doesn't know where to start. 

In 2015 when I started I had the same dilemma. I am going to break down your options in this blog in the hope it makes your decision easier. 

So when it comes to how you host your online business you have three options. 

  1. WordPress site with your own developer
  2. Marketplace and E-commerce platform 
  3. All-in-one software
  4. Social media E-commerce store  

One of the problems when starting your online business is that what you need now as a start-up is very different from what you need when you have a fully scaled online business. How fast your business progresses depends entirely on the amount of work you put into it. 

When I first started my online business I went for option 1 because to be dead honest I "thought" it was the cheaper option. Well, the developer sold it to me that way. The problem was that it was cheaper in regards to the plugin and web hosting costs but definitely not cheaper when it comes to the costs of the developer. But the problem is once you start with WordPress and you have spent so much money already it's hard to change. So you keep going hitting your head against a brick wall. If I could go back I would take option 3. That's what I am using now to run Veterinary Professionals making money online.

Software has rapidly advanced since 2015 when I started. The software that is available in options 2 and 3 is so easy that anyone can use them without the need for a developer. 

I have put together the following resources which I recommend. Over the last 8 years, I have tried a lot of online software and these are by far the best ones I have used. I will only recommend software that I have used and that I think will be useful to you.

Some of these are affiliate links. I get a small commission if you sign up using my links.


With this option, you need a whole lot of software and plugins to run your online business. You also need software such as Zapier to connect all your plugins and other software when you start to automate things in your online business. That's where the benefit of the all-in-one platform comes. You do not have to buy all the individual software like email marketing, funnel software, website security etc. That being said if you do go that option these are the companies I recommend. 

Domain registration And Web hosting :


There are so many options for web hosting companies and I have used a few of them. I like HostGator for a number of reasons. The cost is reasonable and they can host your website no matter where you are in the world. The biggest plus for me is that their customer service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A lot of web hosting is only during business hours and as Veterinary Professionals we are often dealing with website headaches after hours. They are also extremely helpful and always find a solution to my issues. 

Email Software :

Over the last few years, there have been so many of these software companies popping up. And I will be honest with you I have used and looked at many of them searching for the ideal software, trying to take into account list size, cost, and what they offer.

I have used Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailerlite, Get Response, and eventually Active Campaign. Active Campaign is expensive and is for the more advanced marketer. I would not recommend it for a veterinary professional just starting out. We have to hire someone to help us with it at Onlinepethealth, it's that complicated. We need it for advanced automation and tagging as we have more than one audience. 

I like the ones that have a free option so you can see if it works for you before committing. 

So my two choices are


Get Response.

I have chosen these two and what you choose depends on your budget and needs.

Most affordable, looking for simple email software: Mailerlite – is a simple email marketing software, you can create landing pages and opt-in forms (these are pages where people can sign up for your email lists) but I find them tricky to create especially if you have no design experience. If you are just going to use these to email and will connect the sign-up to your website (you might need your developer to do this) then I would recommend Mailerlite as it's great value for money. The price doesn’t increase too drastically as the number on your list increases. 

Slightly more expensive, but great if you want to create landing pages: Get Response – Now this one is a lot easier to use and has templates with easy drag-and-drop editing if you want to create landing pages and opt-in forms. It also has a free version and is good value for money. The price increases more when your list number increases but it still has good value for money compared to the other platforms.

Create simple Web pages :

You don't actually need a fancy full-on website to start an online business. So many people don't realize this. There are very simple-to-use one-page website builders that are enough for you to get your online business afloat. You can create these yourself or get a developer's help. 


There are some platforms that will host your courses and products for you. Now, I recommend using these when you don't have a software budget at all. You don't have monthly costs and you only pay when you make a sale. It's a win-win for everyone. : Great for digital products such as PDFs and Templates (6.5% transaction fee)

Udemy : Known for selling courses on demand. Udemy will host your course and help market it for you. (63% transaction fee) 

Gumroad: Hosts all your digital products (10% transaction fee) 

All of these platforms take either a fee or a percentage of the sale of your product. 


Now these are becoming a lot more popular. You pay one fee and you get everything in one including your hosting, email software, etc. You don't have to worry about contacting different people to help you. 


I'm absolutely thrilled with my current software solution, which comes at a cost of $149 per month when paid annually. This all-in-one platform has become my one-stop shop for all my needs, eliminating the necessity for any additional software or the involvement of a developer. Its user-friendliness is a major advantage, sparing me the frustration of spending countless hours deciphering its functionalities. What's more, the platform offers a plethora of resources to enhance my user experience, including tutorials and access to Kajabi University. The crown jewel for me is the 24/7 live chat support, which I consider invaluable. It's rare to find an all-in-one software with round-the-clock assistance, and for someone like me who values time as the most precious resource, this feature elevates this software to the top of my value-for-money list. No more wasted hours grappling with website issues - there's always a helpful expert online to assist or create a video tutorial on how to accomplish what I need.

I am able to run my whole online business by myself using this software. They have a 14-day trial normally but if you sign up with this link you will be able to get 30 days free trial, which gives you a month to test it out. 

For those on a tighter budget, you should look at It's not as user-friendly or aesthetically pleasing as Kajabi and the support is not 24/7 but it has similar features. In my course, the ROADMAP 2.0, there are step-by-step videos and training on how to set up your website using as well as Kajabi. 


Now, I just starting using Stanstore for my Instagram account. I used to use Linktree. Linktree allows you to create a personalized and customizable page that houses all the important links that you want to share with your audience.

Stanstore allows you to host your products, and email and serves as a social media storefront. When you first start you won't even need a website, you can just use Stanstore. Click this link to get a 14-day free trial. 

There are two subscription levels available: the Creator Account, priced at $29 per month, and the Creator Pro Account, which costs $99 per month. These two tiers offer distinct sets of features. The Creator Pro Account, in particular, serves as an all-in-one platform similar to Kajabi. With this option, you gain the capability to host your digital products and manage your email communications seamlessly.


Choosing the right option can indeed be challenging, especially when it involves an investment, and you want to ensure a substantial return on that investment. Ultimately, the goal is to sell products or services and generate income.

The appeal of an all-in-one platform lies in the convenience it offers. You can avoid the complexities of connecting numerous third-party plugins and software to your website. When you add up the costs associated with these plugins and software for running an online business, it can quickly exceed double the monthly fee you pay for an all-in-one platform. Additionally, managing multiple plugins increases the potential for issues, like connections failing, which can result in lost income over time.

Moreover, platforms like WordPress are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities and hacking incidents. Dealing with such situations can be costly and time-consuming. It's essential to avoid finding yourself in a situation where your website is compromised, as it can lead to substantial financial losses and a sense of helplessness.

Having the autonomy to make changes to your website independently is another key advantage. Waiting for a developer to quote and schedule changes can be frustrating, particularly when you're eager to bring your ideas to life quickly.


So which option should you choose: 

For the Online business beginner who is starting as a side hustle and is planning on being a solopreneur with a small team around them. I would start with either option 2 or 4. Stanstore is all you need to start your online business. The cost is $29 per month at the time of writing this email. You can quickly progress to option 3 the All-in-one platform when you start seeing that things are taking off or upgrade to the creator pro account. 

For well-established online businesses and entrepreneurs with a clear vision for growth, Option 3 is the way to go. This choice offers all the necessary functionality from a reliable software platform that has a proven track record over time. When you have a solid growth plan in place, you need tools that can keep up with your ambitions and enable you to execute tasks swiftly. The invaluable aspect of 24/7 support, available every day of the week, can't be overstated. It ensures that you have the assistance and guidance you need at any time, allowing you to keep your business on track and running smoothly.

CLICK HERE TO GET A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL WITH KAJABI. The normal trial is 14 days. This will allow you to get your online business started and earn some income before you need to pay your first month. 

If you are having problems deciding where to start you can download my online business roadmap. Click here 

I hope that you have found this blog useful. If you need support or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on DM's on Instagram .

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